One Woman Effect | Up your game, lady.
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Up your game, lady.


06 Aug Up your game, lady.

I used to ask “Who the f*ck am I to change the world? I’m just one woman.” Asking this question actually caused suffering in the world – a horrible, negative ripple effect. I didn’t step up, people didn’t get helped, I stayed small and so did countless others.

At some point, you get tired of asking the questions that make you feel small. You get tired of hiding out. You get lonely enough, that one day, you scream ENOUGH. Like I did.

And you start asking a new question, maybe something like, “Who am I? What am I made of? What could I do? How could I give? What would make me happy? How will I change the world?” Pick one or make up your own. Almost anything is better than, “Who the f*ck am I?” Unless of course you say it with your hands on your hips and your heart wide open like you own who the f*ck you are ENTIRELY. Then please, go right ahead.

You are ONE woman.

ONE woman who feels good in her skin, knows who she is and lives her truth can light up everyone she touches, or even thinks of. She uplifts people and relieves suffering just by being who she is. You know this because you’ve experienced it countless times – either your own ripple effect or by being in the presence of such a woman.

If this idea is making you think, “Yeah Cherie, that all sounds wonderful but that’s just not possible for me. Not in my life.” Then tell me this, are you a woman?

If the answer is yes, then it’s not only possible, it’s your BIRTHRIGHT.

If you’re ready to start unleashing your power and you’re craving the freedom to make the world a better place, start by taking care of yourself.

Don’t muscle up and start writing business plans and setting goals and working yourself into the ground.

* Schedule time for laying in the sun
* Schedule buffer time in between appointments and projects so you never have to rush
* Give yourself better chocolate
* Spend time with people who fill you (not take from you)
* Walk barefoot and wear cashmere

Start doing all the things you think would be soooo nice, but you never make time for them. Start by doing all the things you crave, but deny yourself.

Do it like people’s lives depend on it.
Because they do.
If you want to be a giver, up your game, lady.
You can’t give on empty.
And you can’t give when you’re not stupidly happy.
Sure you could try for a short while, but not for long.
You’ll end up resentful and all your radiance will fade to black.

Start by:
* putting yourself to bed a little earlier
* letting yourself walk a little slower
* letting someone help you and make your life a little easier
* amping up the music and dancing naked all over your house
* making a list of all the things you’ve given up on that you’re going to do/be/experience/love
* or at the very least, saying yes to the guy who wants to take your groceries to the car for you

That’s just a start. What would really make YOU feel like you are taking care of YOU? It is not selfish. It is the critical first step to being the most powerful, beautiful, ridiculously happy woman who will send waves of power, beauty and happiness into the world – simply by being.

I mean really, who the f*ck are you?
Show us what you got.

The world needs you.

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