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06 Aug Up your game, lady.

I used to ask "Who the f*ck am I to change the world? I'm just one woman." Asking this question actually caused suffering in the world - a horrible, negative ripple effect. I didn't step up, people didn't get helped, I stayed small and so...

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05 Apr The Dark Doorway to Freedom

Last Saturday we launched the first ever One Woman Effect.  For months I had visions of what it would be like.  I could see lit up faces thrown back in laughter, sexy Zumba moves in the sunshine, and the feeling of freedom spreading throughout the...

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09 Mar All it Takes is ONE

With great respect and great love, welcome. This is the beginning of a dream come true. Today is International Women's Day - a perfect day to launch the One Woman Effect community and event series.   My intention is to be a spark that gets passed like...

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