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The Movement

Join Us for a Free Call - Bring Questions, Leave with Answers.
Tuesday, September 22, 12Noon PST
Get coached, connect with other amazing women and get a taste of what we’re so excited about.

One Woman Effect

All it takes is one woman to light up the world.

Whatever lights you up, we’re going to help you get it.

We’re the hungry ones. The ones who crave more.



Freedom seekers.

Human sparklers.



We here to live big and make a difference.


But it’s hard to do it alone.


Something magical happens when we’re around people who get it.


Women just like us who can say, “Don’t stop. Never settle.”

It makes us go faster and enjoy the ride a hell of a lot more.


We’re everywhere. Starting our own companies, going after lives we love and we’re trying to find you too.


The trouble is we’re busy. We have seriously big lives, full of things to do and people to love.


That’s why we created One Woman Effect.


10 years of coaching hungry women just like you, one thing is for sure:

you’re all facing the same challenges, rising up to the same fears and if you could just find each other, everything would change.


You’d show each other how it’s done, overcome obstacles, remind each other what you’re made of.


And then, anything would be possible.


The Dalai Lama said, “The world will be healed by the western woman”.


This is how we’ll do it.


One Woman at a time, being brave enough to go after what she wants, will literally heal the world.


What the world needs is your joy. Pure and simple. When a woman has the life she wants, she’s the most powerful source of good on the planet. She’s the spark that lights up everyone she meets.


No matter what you crave – laying in a hammock or starting your own business, a better relationship or to become the best you – we’re going to help you get it.



You’re invited to a retreat like no other that could be

one of the most important weekends of your life.


Come find your people at One Woman Effect LIVE Nov 12 this year

in one of the most beautiful places on earth, Sonoma, California.

We’ll have talk big, laugh, cry, dance, heal and make plans.


You are One Woman.

Bring it. The world needs you.


If you can’t make it this year, stay tuned for the next one.

Email us to get on the list and until we can be together LIVE, come join us on Facebook.







Live Events

Our next event is in Sonoma November 12-15, 2015. Come join us!

Webinars & Teleclasses

We’ll gather as a Global Sisterhood in 2016.

Local Chapters

Start a One Woman Effect chapter with your friends.  We need each other.

Facebook Community

We can’t do this alone.  Learn and grow together online.

Work with One Woman Effect Founder

Work with Cherie privately or with your team.  The One Woman Effect principles will change everything.

Share Your Story

Tell us how you are making an effect.  Show us what you’re made of.

Have questions? Got ideas? We want to hear it all.